Things are going really really good and then that little creeper comes into the mind that says, “Geez, I hope something bad isn’t going to happen.”  Sigh… Where does that come from and why do so many expect the bad to come when they are on an up streak in life? It’s as if they think there is no way that things could stay as good as they are.

Well, in a way they are right but it is all in how you look at it.  You see, everything about life is ebb and flow. It is just the way it is. If life was one continual vibration of the same over and over again then we would get bored with life and truly not learn some of the lessons we came her to experience. This doesn’t mean it has to be bad at all; but it all depends on how you look at the ebb and flow of life. When you expect  the ‘bad’ to happen then you send that energy out and the more you focus on it, the more it builds up that vibration bringing it back in some way, shape, or form in the physical.

What if we just expected the best in the ups and in the ‘downs’ of life?  What if we go along with the ebb and flow of life and continue to create a positive in it all?  Can you imagine what kind of vibration would be in your life at all times then?

We learn and grow through each experience that we have.  We just happen to inner grow more through a challenge. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience. We can create positive vibrations in any ebb and any flow in life. It is our choice.

If life is going really well then expect more of the same. If one of the challenges come about then you can still create a positive vibration while letting go of the resistant feeling vibration. Life can still be really good when there is an ebb in life. By riding out the ebb with a positive thought vibration you will begin to have less ups and downs in life and more of a steady positive flow.