time to release

There are times where worry can take over life. It can create a vibration of ‘what if’ in a negative way. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer. So how do you keep from worrying? How can you let go of worry?

First you must ask yourself if you truly believe that the Universe is supporting, loving, caring for, and helping guide you. If you do then what is there to worry about when the big powerful Universe is taking care of it all? Your only job is to do the inner work to let go of worry and replace it with trust and positive vibrations. If you are worried about a particular outcome then let go and release the need to control how it happens and just know and trust that no matter what the outcome is that it is the best outcome for your life no matter how it comes about.

You truly do direct your life through your own thoughts and feelings. If you have a challenging experience then it is up to you where it leads. You can either worry and fear or create a trust and positive vibration. Whichever way you choose the Universe then takes it from there and answers you back in a similar bigger vibration. That is how it cares and loves you by giving back what you give out.

So what will you be sending out today?

Sometimes those challenging experiences are just the thing to get us to do the inner work to rise above the current vibration we are in and take us to that matching vibration of what we truly want to manifest.

Let go of the worry my friend and let the Universe do its job.