beth mccain 6657

Do you believe that the Universe supports you?  Do you believe that, no matter what kind of experience you may be having, it is an experience to help you to inner grow so that you can reach a higher positive vibration that will match what you envision your life to be?  And do you believe that how you think, feel, and react in the experience will take you in a particular direction so if you think positive and focus on the good in all that is happening that life will unfold what you dream of in the best time for your life? Do you trust that the Universe will create the experience ‘as is or better’ than you want?

If you do then why do you worry or fear? Don’t you trust the Universe and its timing for your life? If everything is for the best for your life and you are creating vibrations that support that and let go of how it will happen trusting that the Universe will bring it in the best way possible, then what is there to worry about, right?  Why fear the future when the Universe is taking care of it through your vibration?

You see, if you fear or worry then you are creating more of the same but if you focus on the good in life, appreciate, let go of how it will all come to you and let go of resistant feeling vibrations, and trust the Universe, then fear and worry aren’t necessary, are they?

Trust my friend and let it all unfold…