beth mccain7787

It can be easy to use others as an excuse as to why your dreams haven’t manifested. Maybe your boss makes you work too much with too little pay, maybe you now have children and can’t think about your dreams right now because you need to raise them right now, or maybe you feel your circumstances just won’t allow you to have what you truly want.

Guess what? No one or no thing is in the way of your dreams. No one is to blame for you not having the life you envision. You can have the life you dream of and be able to take care of the kids. You see, the only think stopping you is your own repetitive thought patterns. You couple that with how you feel then you are creating a direction of which way your life will go.

What do you think about each day? Do you think about the dreams you once had and how you’ll never be able to get there or maybe you will ‘someday?’ Or do you envision your dreams then live each moment in appreciation and positivity knowing that by creating a positive vibration you will be creating a solid direction toward the feeling you want your dreams to have? Do you let go of how those dreams are coming to you and leave it up to the Universe to take care of the how? And do you let go of the resistant feeling vibrations of negativity and create a more positive flow instead knowing that each positive vibration is taking you to a higher vibration that matches what you envision? Are you learning and inner growing through each experience that is taking you to where you want to be?

You see, it truly is all up to you. It is all your choice. Are you doing the inner work my friend?