Appreciating isn’t just about looking back at the end of a day and thinking about what made you feel good and positive. There is truly an art to appreciation my friend.

Think of all that you do in a day and how many times you appreciate life in general. I’m talking about the everyday ordinary things in life.  The things that happen again and again that we can take advantage of just because it is there.

Or what about those moments where life feels less than positive.  Have you ever thought of finding the appreciation in that moment as well? It can be found. It just takes a conscious focused thought and an opening of your heart and mind.

Each day be conscious of appreciation. Look at what you have in each moment that you appreciate; the beautiful rain, the smell of coffee, the impromptu smile from another, the trees blowing in the wind, the random act of kindness…the list goes on and on. What do you take for granted that you can appreciate in the day?  Think about that falling rain and what it does for your area?  You have greener trees and those trees provide oxygen to live. Isn’t that something to appreciate?

You see, even in the darkest of moments there is always something to appreciate. I find that if I am having one of those moments I let go of the negative feeling and thought and turn to what there is to appreciate in that moment instead. If it can’t be found then I know that it is there and I appreciate that it is there.

Appreciation can create more to appreciate. If you appreciate in a quick general manner then you are creating experiences that will come to your future that have quick general appreciation but if you truly appreciate from the heart and really take note within then you will be creating experiences that will have deeper heartfelt appreciation.

Appreciation vibrations can affect all areas of your life in the most amazing ways.

So what will you appreciate today?