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Change can be challenging. We just get used to one way and then up pops a change in life. It feels as if things get turned upside down and you do all you can to hold on. Then life settles down for a while only to come into another flux of change. So what can you do about change and the way it makes you feel?

You see, life is all about change. Every single day is different than the day before. Sure, you may be at the same job and doing the same kind of routine but all the little things change through out your day. One day you may eat a banana for breakfast at 7 am sharp and then another day you may eat a banana at 8 am. That may be a change you might not notice too much but the point is nothing ever stays the same.

So then why not embrace change and be completely okay with all that is changing?  Why not just let go of the need to hold on and control to keep things from changing when it is going to change no matter what? Why not create a balance within and go with the flow of change thereby creating a steady non resistance kind of feeling and thought?

Life is going to change but you have  a choice how to take on that change. And your thoughts, feelings, and reactions are what will create the direction your changes in life will go. Negative thought equals negative experiences. Positive thought equals positive experiences.

What will you choose?