beth mccain 4453

Has someone broke a promise? Whether it is a small promise like taking out the trash or something much bigger; it can be frustrating and upsetting when someone doesn’t hold their end of the deal.

Did you know that there is something you can do about those feelings and thoughts you may be having? You can let them go. Yes, that is what I said. You can let go of the frustration when another breaks a promise. Maybe they made the promise with complete confidence that they would be able to follow through and then it didn’t work out or maybe they just wanted you to feel good so they promised the moon not realizing that it would upset you. Or maybe they just forgot. No matter what the reason you can let go of the resistant vibration you may be thinking and feeling.

Ask yourself if something hasn’t turned out exactly as planned when it came to your life experience. If you say yes then you can see that things can change and happen differently. We can learn from a broken promise and talk it through with another but we can also keep in mind that people do make mistakes with good intention. You can forgive, move on, and keep it in mind and heart for the next time. If it happens again then you can deal with it in the best way that you know how but still let go of the resistant vibrations without sending out ‘daggers’ to another through resistance. No matter what they did, whether intentional or not intentional; they are who they are. They may learn from it or they may continue the behavior. Just know that it is their issue and that you can not take it personally and let go. Send them strong focused positive vibrations and then let go.

How about it? How about today we give everyone, including ourselves, a break and forgive, love, and accept who they are with their weaknesses and their strengths. If they do it again then you can learn from it and see what you can do to move away and forward from their ways but you truly don’t have to hold onto the resistance my friend.