No matter how you look at it, fear is a feeling of resistance and agitation. It creates a feeling within that just feels resistant, doesn’t it? And resistance is what gets in the way of what we want our life experience to be. Fear is the ego’s tool.

Fear is a resistant vibration that says we are not willing. And being unwilling is a direct vibration from the ego. We’re afraid of being wrong, of looking like a failure, of defeat, of looking stupid or sounding ridiculous.  That fear causes us to experience the most resistant kind of experiences because we are unwilling.

You see, this Universe doesn’t judge you on how many things you get done or an experience that felt like it went all wrong. The Universe loves and cares for us and only asks that we reach a higher vibration toward the pure connection of all of who we are. If we are fearful then we are stepping away from what we are truly trying to understand and learn.

What if we were willing to experience without fear? What if we didn’t use the ego’s tool to being unwilling an stubborn and just live life to the best of our ability with an open heart and an open mind?

That is how to reach a higher vibration my friend. Let go of fear and trust…