What do I do when I want something in life and it hasn’t come into my life yet?  I just ‘be.’ What I mean by that is I know that it will come when the time is right and that it will all unfold just as it should according to Universal timing. You see, I believe that I only see a small part of how it can come into my life while the Universe can see the whole picture of what is the best for it to come into my life. I trust the Universe and it trusts me to send out a positive appreciative vibration and focus toward what I envision life to be.  I know it will happen no matter how challenging a day might be. I know it will happen no matter what others say or do. I know that it will happen because I know that whatever I put out there in vibration will go out into the Universe and the Universe will answer with the same feeling vibration and manifest it into my life.

So until then I create positive vibrations, let go of resistant feeling vibrations, trust that it comes as it should, expand and inner grow through each experience as it takes me to a higher positive vibration, and then I ‘just be’ while appreciating all that is in life at the moment.

It works every time! Does it always come out exactly as I thought? No…it manifests in an ‘as is’ state or better!