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No matter what is happening in your life… it is supposed to be. So many say, “WHY is this happening to me? WHY aren’t I where I want to be and why does it seem that everything is so difficult? This isn’t my life. Why is my life the way it is right now?”

Every moment that is in your life is supposed to be my friend. The moments you experience are a combination of your own vibrations that you are sending out. If you are having a hard time at the moment then just for a moment step back and truly take a deep breath and relax into the experience accepting that it is there and then letting go of the resistant vibration. Look deep within to see the possible lesson within the experience that could help you to realize a better way, a better thought, a better feeling vibration. Observe if it is a repetitive kind of pattern in your life and if it is then handle it differently than before so that you move on from the repetitive vibration that is being created by you.

Each moment is giving you a choice in direction and how you choose your direction is by your thoughts and feelings, your reactions and your inner compass. Negative thought will create more of the same. Positive thought will create more positive experiences during a challenging experience. The more you create a calm steady balance within the more life will become calm, steady, and balanced in any experience.

You are where you are supposed to be right now and it is your choice what direction your life will take my friend. What road will you take?