beth 9989

Do you ever get that little agitation where everyone and everything just seems to make you feel frustrated and clippy when you talk?  It may not have anything to do with them but you just feel…well…agitated.

That is a resistant vibration within that is wanting to be let go and if you do the inner work to let it go then you won’t lash out of others.  You see, it needs to get out and that resistant vibration will get out either through frustration, anger, or upset OR it will get out through taking the time to let it go.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Go within yourself and feel that agitation and where it feels as if it has settled. Maybe in your neck or your heart or maybe in tension in your shoulders. That is the body indicating that resistant vibrations are being held within. Recognize that feeling because once you recognize it then you can do something about it other than releasing it in a way that may hurt yourself or others.

Once you recognize it, tell the mind to tell the body to relax the shoulders and neck. This lets the body know that it is time to relax. Next take a deep breath in, let go of the neck and shoulders or wherever your agitation may be, close your eyes, and exhale while imaging letting go of the agitation and it falling off and away from you. Keep doing this until the agitation feels less and less. Then open your eyes and come from a calm clear state of mind and heart. If the agitation is still there, then go back and do some more breathing and visualizing.

Little by little it will release my friend.  All is well and will be well. Every lock has a key and the same goes for the Universe.  Any ‘lock’ in life always has a key that the Universe has in place…trust and let the key fall into your lap in the time that it should.