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If you’re having a bad day or a series of experiences that are less than positive,  there is something you can do about it. You don’t need a thing but yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and the ability to make a choice.

In any given experience, you have a choice in how you handle it. You can look at it and say to yourself, “This is one horrible day! Why does this keep happening? Now my day is going to be horrible no matter what. It’s all uphill from here.”  With that kind of attitude you will definitely have a day that just gets worse and worse.

And then there is the other way of handling it that can actually help you get beyond the negative feeling day; you can do your best in what you have to do because of the negative experience but then you can let go of the resistant vibration that the experience holds. You can say to yourself, “This is just one experience. I can release all the resistant feeling vibrations attached to this negative feeling experience and step out of the need to label the day as a horrible day. I can focus on what there is in life that feels good, that I appreciate, and that I can focus on that will take me beyond this resistant vibration. I have a choice how the next moment comes about.  I choose a higher positive feeling vibration. I don’t have to dive into that lower negative vibration at all. I can do my best and get through it and trust that the negative experience will pass and the sooner I am able to let go of the resistant vibration the sooner life will make a turn around. And whatever ‘lesson’ comes from the negative experience I know that how I handle it is the direction I will be going. Positive vibration of letting go will take me to a higher positive vibration. Negative vibration of holding on to the experience will take me to a lower negative vibration. Either way I am choosing a path.”

That’s all there is to it. Consciously release the negative vibrations my friend.