Every experience that you have contributes to the overall of this Universe. And each experience that another has contributes as well.

Whether you are a CEO, a stay at home mom, a garbage man, a cleaning lady, a teacher, a nurse, a doctor; it doesn’t matter. Every experience that each of us has is equal when it comes to the Universe. Every experience contributes to the harmony of the Universe as a whole.

So the next time you feel ‘less than’ because of what you experience just know that truly it isn’t ‘less than’ at all. Your experience, and how you create that experience, contributes to this Universe.

You have a choice in how you think, feel, and react in any experience and that choice is what creates more in this Universe no matter what job or task you may have.

What will you choose today?  What kind of Universe would you like to live in?  Whatever you choose you can begin today by thinking, acting, and feeling just like you envision life to be.