giving and receiving

Appreciation and gratitude are huge positive vibrations. If you took a day and appreciated everything in that day from the toast popping up out the toaster to the green light you experienced while driving, you would be creating immense positive vibrations that will bring you more of the same.

Sometimes we can forget how important it is to love and enjoy what is right in front of our noses. We can get to thinking about what we need and want and forget about what we can do at this very moment to create a better feeling and thought.

You see, you can’t focus on negative when you are appreciating the ordinary of life and when you take your focus to a better feeling vibration then you will be creating a vibration that will come back to you in some way.

Negative focus equals negative feeling life. Positive focus equals positive feeling life. If you don’t feel positive right now then look at what there is to appreciate in the ordinary today. Focus on appreciation and you will see life change for the better.