the sky is the limit

Have you ever caught yourself ‘dumbing down’ so that you would be accepted in a group of people? Or maybe you didn’t say what you truly thought and only said what you thought everyone expected of you? Have you ever worn a piece of clothing because you think others will like it instead of you liking it?  Or maybe you didn’t say a word because you didn’t want anyone to criticize what you might say because you knew that they wouldn’t like what you had to say?

Everyday we encounter people and everyday we have a choice to be who we truly are or hide behind the masks of different personality traits of what others think we should be. One way makes you feel empowered, positive, and feel steady in life; while the other way makes you feel less than, small, and not content with life creating a resistant feeling vibration.

How about breaking free of the need to please others? How about moving on beyond needing another’s opinion about your life?  How about living your life in the best way that you know how from a true heart?  You see, when you live your truth without worrying about what others think you will attract others who like your truth as well.

Are you living your truth?