time to release

Many say, “I can’t wait until…”   From cars to money to that new job to that ‘perfect’ relationship to that home you’re going to buy someday, we can live in the future of what we want instead of living in the appreciation of what we have now. Just because you are content and appreciative of life now doesn’t mean that life isn’t going to move forward. In fact, by being appreciative of what is in your life experience right now you are actually creating a vibration that will bring more to appreciate.

How about today you live in the moment instead of always thinking in the future for something better all the time?  By creating a vibration of life isn’t good enough you will be creating more of the same.

How about appreciating what is in life right now and envisioning that future while letting go of holding on tight to that future so that you can build vibrations in the day that will actually create your future?

Every focused thought and feeling is taking you in a direction in life. Always wishing for something better in the future will keep that vibration in the future but appreciating life and all that is there right now will be creating a vibration that will become your future one day.  So focus on today my friend. If the future comes to mind then know and trust that it is going to be an amazing future and then let go of the need to feel like life isn’t good enough right now. Appreciate what you have while you focus on what direction you want to head in life.

It begins now my friend…