mini vacation

What if, what if, what if?  We can truly get caught up in the thoughts of ‘what if’ when it comes to the next moment, the next day, the next week, and the future in general. We can be so far in the future within our minds that we forget that we have this day to create the future we would love to have.

Each moment of each day is a chance to create a vibration that will create yet another vibration and another and another. Every focused vibration of thought will take you somewhere.  If you focus on the future and all that you think will happen, then it will stay in that future. You’ll be continually chasing that carrot that is dangling. But if you envision a grand future and let go of how it will happen and give that to the Universe than you can work on creating that future in your now moments.

What are you thinking today? What are you feeling? Are you thinking about how you just wish the day could be over or are you embracing each moment with gusto and strong positive vibrations no matter what is happening in the day?

Either way you are creating a direction and the more focused you are the more the direction will become truly solid.

How about creating positive vibrations in all that you do today?  It’s the best way to create a strong positive, full of opportunity, kind of life road. 🙂