When looking at another and their life, it can be easy to just assume that we know all about why they do what they do or don’t do. We make assumptions every single day while at work, at play, and basically anywhere.

Let’s say you see someone walking across the street and then you see they are suddenly chased by another. We would assume that the person walking across the street was the victim because of the person chasing him but as you learn more about the situation you may find that the man walking across the street had just stolen the wallet of the chaser.  That would change everything we thought we knew, wouldn’t it?

So when you go about your day, do your best not to assume you know another and their actions especially if it doesn’t fit what you think is normal. Keep a balanced vibration of non judgment until you truly do know what is happening.

Give others the benefit of the doubt instead of expecting them to do wrong. You may be pleasantly surprised and will be sending out some positive non judgmental vibrations that will even affect your own life experience.