her story 3

You ate that gigantic slice of cake and you are feeling guilty about it. You can either beat yourself up about it all day long or make the choice, enjoy the cake since the choice has been made, let go of the guilt, and then you can begin again.  You always have another chance to begin again.

You had a meltdown and created a load of drama around you. You can either continue to throw a fit and get into a more negative place and talk about how you just can’t catch a break OR you can let go of the drama, the negativity, and the vibration of ‘look at me and how bad I feel,’ and then create a better feeling positive vibration from within by shifting focus to something that you appreciate or to a better solve that doesn’t involve creating drama. You always have another chance to begin again.

In any experience in life we always have another chance to begin again if we don’t like the direction we are headed. If we have some kind of repetitive pattern that we want to let go of then we can be conscious of the resistant pattern, let go of how we used to do it, and then replace it with a better feeling vibration and thought. And as we practice in replacing that old thought then we create a new repetitive positive pattern that creates a higher vibration in life.

You always have a another chance to begin again and it always begins with you my friend.