beth mccain 2234

Where do you put your focus in a day?

Do you just let experiences take you here and there with your thoughts and emotions? Do you expect things to go wrong or prepare for the worst? Do you create your day cautiously just in case something doesn’t go just right?  All these thoughts are resistant feeling vibrations, don’t you think? They all have a feeling that you have to somehow brace yourself for the next moment just in case someone hurts your feelings, just in case things go array and you have to have a backup plan, just in case…fill in the blank.

Then there is another place to put your focus. You could intentionally create your day and expect it to go well and if something comes up that doesn’t feel ‘well’ then let go of the resistant feeling vibration and trust that the experience is a part of taking you to where you truly want to be. You could consciously be aware of your vibrations and direct them in a way that creates positive feelings and thoughts. You could let go of others opinions about you or your life and step beyond their criticism and then continue on with your day. You could embrace each moment and relax into each experience keeping in mind and heart that you intend to create a steady positive vibration no matter what.

As you can see, one way feels resistant while the other way feels positive.  So what will you focus on today?