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Sometimes, without even realize it, others can push us to do something that we don’t want to do. They may manipulate or make you feel guilty for not doing something their way. Just know that you do have a choice in it all. You can do what they ask and you can feel resentment or let go of that resistant vibration once you finished what they ask of you. OR you can be conscious of the resistant feeling that you feel and let them know that it isn’t something you want to do and then let go of the need to please and let go of the attachment of the guilt you may feel.

This doesn’t mean that just because you don’t want to do something that it is okay to be stubborn as a mule. It is about that resistant vibration that is being created within you during an experience. If it is something that is nice and would make another happy and it is the right thing to do then do it even if you may not feel like it. That is the moment where you can recognize the resistant vibration that you are creating and let it go then…take out the trash. 😉

You see, you always have a choice. If someone tells you that they won’t like you if you don’t do what they say then it is the perfect time to ask yourself if that is the kind of person you want to be around; a person who tells you what to do, and forces their vibration of what they want into your life experience. If they don’t realize they are being pushy then you can let them know in a kind and compassionate manner that you feel pushed so that the next time they can learn from the way they ask others to do something. And if they don’t learn from the experience then you will have learned from the experience.

You always have a choice in how you create your day my friend…always.