beth mccain 5565

Have you ever thought about how many choices you have each day? Every single day you have a choice in how your day will unfold. You may not think you have a choice when you know what has to be done and that you are the one that has to do it but you have a choice how you perceive the day. And how you perceive the day is what will move you beyond where you currently are or keeping you running in place.

Every experience begins with a choice of how you perceive the experience. You can look at it, judge what you think is right or wrong, assume that you know the answer, and create a limited view of what you think is the experience. Or you can look at it, keep an open mind and heart, accept what it is, appreciate what there is in the experience, and relax ‘into’ the experience creating a positive non resistant vibration and view.

What will you choose today? Either way you are creating your present and your future.