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Do you blame others or experiences for the way your life is? Maybe you blame your job for not bringing in enough money or maybe you blame another for not being able to pursue your dreams. Maybe you think that life in general is to blame for the way your life is going. Maybe you blame another and their attitude for how you feel about life.

No matter who you feel is to blame; you have a choice. You can choose to take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others or your current conditions for all that is going wrong in your life. When you take responsibility for your thoughts and your feelings then you are free to let go of thinking that someone else or an experience has the ability to control your life.

It begins with a thought. It begins with letting go of the old way of thought and creating a new way of thought for your life that doesn’t include blaming others for how your life is. When you blame, you are creating a resistant feeling vibration and that is like putting up a roadblock against what you want in life. Let go and take hold of your own vibration creating a positive steady vibration.  This is the only way to get beyond blaming others…let go, forgive, and move on.