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Many times someone can be so forceful in what they believe that their opinions feel like an attack. And many times they are creating such a negative vibration that it catches you off guard and your feelings get hurt.

Just remember that their opinion comes from their own perception of life. Their opinion is just a set of beliefs that they use in their life. The key word being ‘their.’  You see, we are all unique in how we think and believe. No two of us believe exactly the same way and do the same thing. It is part of the life experience to share and be who we are while respecting others and their own life experiences.

So the next time someone foists their opinion on you; take a moment to remember that it is their opinion, and no matter how forceful they may say what they believe, that it doesn’t have to be a part of your vibration unless you decide you want to let it in.

Whatever vibration you put focus toward is what will create your present and your future. Ask yourself if you truly want an opinion filled with negative thought to be a part of your life vibration. You do have a choice my friend.

You always have a choice my friend.