beth mccain 9989

No matter what the answer…all is well.

No matter how your are feeling…all is well.

No matter if the experience didn’t happen just as you thought it would…all is well.

You see, when you keep a strong focus on what you truly want in life and you have an experience opposite of what you think would be the way to get there, that is the moment where you rev up your belief in what you envision and trust that this experience that is so different than you expected is actually the way to get you to where you want to be. Maybe you had to experience it to take you in a whole other direction that will take you to a  higher vibration. And that higher vibration is the match for what you envision and how you handle this experience you didn’t expect is just the thing to get you there. Maybe the answer wasn’t ready in the way that you wanted it but the Universe had a better way for you instead.

All is well my friend…all is well.