Secret Secret Garden

You always have a choice…

Some believe that they are stuck where they are at a job they don’t like and life experiences that feel less than positive yet they continue to worry, complain, and feel bad creating more of the same.

You see, it begins with choice. It has, and always will be your choice in what direction your life goes. It begins with your thought and feelings. It begins with changing old ways of thought to new ways of thought. Let me give you an example: Someone could hate their work and complain the day away about how this coworker said that and this coworker strewed up the big presentation. They go home crying in their milk because they have to go back once again tomorrow.  This kind of experience creates vibrations and those vibrations go out into the Universe. The Universe picks up that vibration (because you have free will and the Universe loves and encourages you through giving back what you send out) and then creates more experiences and people to send back to you that vibration you have been sending out.

OR they could go to a job that they don’t like but appreciate what that jobs does for them. It gives them the means to have wonderful tasting food, gives them electricity, and gives them a place to live. They could see the coworkers that are helping out and step aside from the thought of comparison and what others are doing. They could appreciate being there because they know they have to be there anyway and why not just enjoy and appreciate? This vibration then goes out into the Universe and creates more of the same coming back to them in ways they never imagined but experiences and people full of appreciation and love.

And THAT creates a higher more positive vibration opening them up to attracting experiences that are even more abundant and enjoyable.

Yes, it takes inner work to let go of the old ways and create new ways but aren’t the new ways and their results really worth a life full of steady, positive, abundant vibrations?

You have always had the choice my friend. It’s all up to you.