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It can be so easy to get involved in the push me pull me of vibrations of others around.  Someone might be gossiping or someone might just be telling you all about their problems; either way you may get wrapped up in their vibration and then begin taking it on as your own.

When having a conversation with another make sure to keep in check your own vibration. Be kind, be compassionate but do your best not to get so involved that you begin to feel bad, worry about your own life from their perspective, or just get so involved that you take on the feeling of how they feel.

Resistant vibrations are around you every single day.  And if you are prone to head to that kind of vibration then others and their thoughts will suck you right into that resistant feeling zone.

Stay conscious of where you are ‘within’ when talking with someone. Listen and help if you can but let go of their resistant feeling vibration so it doesn’t affect your own life experience as well.

Keep a strong focus on staying in balance…