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Have you ever had one of those moments where you just feel as if you are going to lose it and then you bottle it up inside because you don’t want anyone to witness the moment? And then when you bottle it up you feel a resistant feeling ‘lump’ within so you keep pushing it down so that it doesn’t affect you on the outside but you know darn well it is affecting you on the inside? And then you keep pushing it down and putting protection around that resistant feeling so that no one will ever get to it?  But you know it is there creating more hard feelings and thoughts?

It’s a lot of work to hold something in.  It builds into something much bigger.  It can create resentment, blame, frustration, fear, worry, stress, and negativity.

How about just letting it go? How about knowing that whatever you are feeling is temporary and that it is not who you are; it is just an emotion that is passing through? How about stepping aside from the emotion and just let…it…go…knowing that if you hold onto it that it is going to cause a much bigger problem within the mind? Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, exhale and in that exhale just let it go…let it pass…so that you can think clearly without the resistant vibration.

And if you can’t let it go then set it aside to figure out later in the day when you feel more together and clear within your mind. Any comments or reactions that are based in a resistant feeling vibration is never from a clear mind and heart. It is from fear and ego.

Let it go my friend…let it go.