There truly is nothing wrong with venting. Venting is a way of releasing some of the resistant feeling vibrations we have within.  This can create clarity and a letting go kind of vibration.

When venting is a problem is when it goes beyond just venting to release something on your mind and you replay it over and over again within your mind or out loud to everyone that will listen. This is when venting becomes your focus and you begin to create negative more resistant kind of vibrations as you continue to hold on to the experience that caused the first of the venting.

Let it go and feel better but then keep letting it go within your mind so that you don’t repeat it over and over again creating a strong focused vibration of worry, upset, and frustration.

And when you do let it go and talk with someone make sure that you are not attacking them with your thoughts. Let them know you just need to talk with someone and aren’t expecting a fix. Let them know you just need someone to listen so you can vent. Do your best to not make another feel uncomfortable as you vent how you feel and think.

By sticking to some Universal rules and doing a little inner work, you can get that vent out and then release it for good going beyond that negative feeling experience and moving forward toward a better feeling and thought.