So many times we push against a negative feeling experience. We freak out, get frustrated, and get upset as the experience presents itself and that is how we build resistance vibrations.

So how about relaxing ‘into’ the experience instead of fighting against it? You see, when you have an experience you always have a choice how you go about experiencing it. You can do all you can in the physical but then you can relax ‘into’ the experience and accept that it is there. It doesn’t mean that you have to like it at all but instead of pushing against it you can relax into it while you deal with what has to be dealt with. Then once you have relaxed into the experience you will accept that it is there and that is the moment you can begin to live in the present moment in a positive frame of mind and heart.

Relax, accept, deal with it in a calm balance manner, love unconditionally, let go of the resistance, and know that all is, and will be well. Trust the Universe and let things unfold as they should all in the right time.

You will find that the experience will become calmer for you and you’ll be able to see beyond the experience itself. Keep a positive state of mind and heart to build appreciative positive vibrations that will help your present moment and ultimately your future.