beth 9989

If you knew, without a doubt, that all that you are experiencing was the door to what you have envisioned life to be; would you worry, would you fear, would you spend your day being concerned?  No, you wouldn’t. If you were given a steadfast promise that all is, and will be, well no matter how your life looks and feels right now, then you would be able to relax, enjoy each moment, while the Universe aligns all of what you truly envision your life to be.

Guess what? It IS promised but we get in the way by creating resistant vibrations of fear, worry, concern, frustration, and impatience so really…WE are in the way of our dreams coming to full fruition.

How about letting go of how you think it is going to all come about and when? How about trusting, believing, and expecting that each experience you have is taking you closer? How about letting the Universe do what it does best and you step aside and enjoy this moment without any worry or fear?

All is well and will be well. Now it’s time for you to truly believe it and let go of all the resistant vibrations my friend.