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Just because everything didn’t go just as you thought it should doesn’t mean that it isn’t going in the direction you want. You see, we become disappointed when things don’t go the way we think they should but keep in mind that the Universe sees the full picture where as you only see a small portion of the picture. If something doesn’t go your way this doesn’t mean it isn’t headed in the direction you want to go; it just means that there may be a much better way and the Universe knows that way. Inner work on your own vibrations of thought and feeling so that you let go of disappointment and open up to the possibility of all falling into place in the time that is just right.

Let go of the need to think that all is going wrong when maybe, just maybe, this needs to happen for things to go right. Let go of the need to control how something comes about and if it doesn’t go just as you thought, then there is something better that the Universe already knows.