giving and receiving

We all have habits.  Whether they are physical habits or mental habits, everyone has them. There are great habits and then there are not so great habits. Some are perfect for our life experience and some that are perfect for us, may not be perfect for another. Any habit can be created and any habit can be changed.

Some may smoke and decide to kick the habit.  Some may brush and floss their teeth morning, noon, and night and decide to keep that habit for the rest of their lives. The point I am making is that any habit can be made and any habit can be broken.

This goes for mental habits as well. Some may just assume the worst and they do this with any and all of their life experience. Some may be happy go lucky and feel great about any and everything in life which is another mental habit.

What is the same about all habits is that we have a choice in keeping them or replacing them. If you are in a habit of thinking negative then it takes being conscious of that habit and then replacing it with a habit of thinking positive. If you catch yourself enough and practice then you will become a positive thinking and feeling person.

Look at your own habits and ask yourself what you want to keep and what you want to replace. Sometimes it just takes a thought to change a habit my friend.