Secret Secret Garden

Do you have the courage that is straight from the true self to make it through the day? Can you step past the fears and the worries, reach the true self within, and draw courage from that place within you? Do you have the courage to tell others how much you love them in this day? Do you have the courage to send back an order of food if they made it wrong at the restaurant? Do you have the courage to be honest with yourself? Do you have the courage to step aside from what others think and live life in the best way you know how? Do you have the courage to not gossip when everyone else is and thereby living from the true self within?

Each and every day we have the chance to step up, go within, and bring up our courage from the pure connection of the true self. We can have the courage to live genuine and real from the true self within. We can be who we want to be through that courage from the purest connection that you have.

Every day, every hour, and every moment…you have the chance.