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When everyone around is judging others and talking about how everything in life is going wrong it can be easy to agree with others and create the same kind of negative vibration. And that negative vibration makes you feel worse about life and others. You begin to see through a negative light and begin to create ‘what if’ worst case scenarios. You begin looking at others and judging their appearance or what they do. You can fall into feeling like everyone is against you as you create a vibration of feeling negative, fearful, and worried which is creating more of the same. Every focused negative vibration that you attach to will create more of the same and you will feel worse about life. You may even get attached to creating a big drama so others can see how bad your life is.

What you have done is attached to the negativity vibration and you’re holding on tight creating a resistant feeling vibration that is creating more to resist and feel negative about.

OR you could listen to others and be aware when they are judging others and looking at life through a negative lense, that you can choose whether you want to take on that negative vibration or not. You can be in the presence of negativity but you sure don’t have to contribute to it, do you?  It has always been your choice where you take your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Just because others are creating drama doesn’t mean that you have to.

Create a good feeling positive feel for your life. If something feels negative then deal with what has to be dealt with and then let go of the vibration and create a better feeling positive vibration for yourself. Trust that the Universe is bringing you an experience that will help you to lift your own vibration and create something much better for you.

Your choice my friend…your choice.