beth mccain 5565

People, things, or experiences are not keeping you from being stuck. It is your attitude and behavior that is keeping you stuck.

Choices are all about being human and having free will. We choose to look at others and think that they keep us in one place. We choose to think that our job is keeping us from moving forward.

You see, when you accept where you are at in this moment, then you let go of the resistant vibration of being stuck. When you appreciate where you are in life and take your focus off thinking that you are somehow stuck then things begin to become unstuck.

Let go of the resistant vibration and focus on what direction you want to go. Step by step you will get there.  You truly aren’t stuck at all. Even in the times that you feel stuck you are experiencing an experience and that is what our job is…to experience. So that being said, no matter where you are in life, you are experiencing. It is up to you whether you think and feel yourself into a better feeling place.

The Universe has your back my friend. Keep a positive focus on where you want to go and experience life; the Universe will bring to you experiences to help you to reach to a higher vibration so that you can have what you desire. Sometimes it happens in a less than positive feeling experience so you can learn and inner grow to that vibration you want to get to in life.

How you handle the experience is your choice and that choice will create the direction. Create strong focused positive with an open mind to expanding your vibration through every experience. This will create more of the same my friend.