the sky is the limit

When you have to stop and think about who you are, then you are not being who you truly are.

When you are doing all you can to be someone that you think you should be, then you are not being who you truly are.

And when you are trying to be just like what another thinks that you should be, then you are not being who you truly are.

To be who you truly are you must think, feel, and act accordingly to what you feel is right for you from a kind, compassionate state of mind and heart.

You see, when we think we are so very right in what we say and do, we can forget that just because it is right to us doesn’t mean it is right for another and when we push our thoughts and beliefs on another then we are no longer being the true self within. We are just pushing our beliefs so that we can be right or think we will improve their life somehow. Maybe, just maybe, they can live their life in the best way that they know how and you can do the same. Then you could unconditional love and accept that other person no matter if they think or feel differently than you.

When you say what feels right for you; it doesn’t give you free rein to do whatever you want and expect everyone to fall in tow. Live life in anyway that you want as long as you don’t intentionally harm another mentally or physically.

So who are you and what are your motives? Are you living from the light within that is the true self?