time to release

There are times where we can feel overwhelmed by our outer experiences. Others may be asking you to take a side and you really don’t want to get involved but feel obligated to. This can happen among family, friends, co workers, or anyone else in your life. Whether you get involved or not, it feels as if you are creating some kind of resistant feeling vibrations within yourself.

You may not feel as if you have the power of choice in the situation but you do. You have the power to choose not to be a part of the vibration.  When you don’t take part you may at first  get some flack but as you continue to not participate in it then it will no long have any power over you. When no one participates then there can be no conflict.

You do have a choice my friend. You can choose to create a vibration of peace and ease and not participate in all the judgments, ranting, and actions of another.

Let it go my friend.