giving and receiving

Why do you make the choices you do? Do you make a choice based on what others might think or because it will make you look better? Do you make choices based on what your ego has to say or what your heart has to say?

When making a choice, always check in to see what your motives are. If your motives come from an open heart and the feeling that it is right for you then that is a great motivator. But if your motivation is based on what others will think of you or the prestige, then you may want to rethink your motive.

Do things that are purposeful and heart led in your life. Do your best not to base choices on the ego that needs to be stroked and appreciated.

When you make a choice from that true voice within then appreciation vibrations will follow. Experiences begin to respond differently than before and people stand up and take notice as you use that voice within coupled with the mind.