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Is life truly that serious? Just because you may be experiencing something that feels as if it is life changing doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy while it is taking place.

Have you ever had one of those moments where the air is so thick with emotion that you just don’t know what to do anymore and then something little happens; a book falls and bounces oddly across the floor or your pet comes and acts as tired as you feel and then… you get the giggles? And then those giggles turn into laughter.  It’s the kind of laughter where you feel as if you are releasing all the problems of the world.  You’re laughing so hard that tears are streaming down your cheeks. After you compose yourself it hits you once again and you start the laughter all over again.  Something amazing happens in that laughter…you have released the resistant vibrations and given them a good kick in the pants for awhile. Laughter can heal my friend.

Sometimes laughter is just the key to releasing vibrations that feel pent up. Find something that will get you to focus on all that truly matters in life. You see, the life experiences you are having, are all temporary. Life changes. That is one thing we can count on but we have wonderful ‘tools’ within us to help us get through some of the moments that feel less than positive. Laughter is something that can happen spontaneously or through doing something fun like watch a movie.

Make laughter a part of your day and create some positive vibrations!