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There are times that we can get so wrapped up in all of our life experiences that we begin to feel separate from everyone else. We ‘hole up’ and dive into despair. We feel as if we have been abandoned and have no one to turn to. We think no one understands.

This is the moment where you have to remember that you truly are never alone. You are not being punished, let go of, or being hurt by the Universe/God. You see, the Universe never leaves your side. The Universe is always there loving and accepting who you are no matter what you do or say. The Universe shows it is listening by sending to you vibrations that are just like you send to it.

The Universe hasn’t left your side my friend. It is you that has walked away. Open up your mind and heart and do your best to remember that you truly are loved, accepted, and never alone. Just because something doesn’t go exactly like you want it to doesn’t mean that you have been abandoned.

Don’t you think the Universe knows the full picture and what experiences to put in your life to help you move on to the vibration of what you truly want? You don’t have what you want at this moment because your vibration that you send out through your thoughts, feelings, and reactions, don’t match up with the vibration of what you want. Begin taking each experience that comes your way and find a steady balance within yourself creating a thought, feeling, and reaction that will help you move to a higher level of thought through letting go, forgiveness, and trusting.

The Universe has your back…trust me. 🙂