time to release

How about starting your day without the shadows of yesterday?  And how about letting go of what the future holds?  The shadows of yesterday are but shadows. They no longer exist except for within the mind and heart. Why not learn from the past and then just let it go no matter what kind of hold it may have on you? You can’t do a thing about the past…it’s gone.  But what you can do is something about this moment and the next…and the next…and the next.

We can get so caught up in wondering what the future will hold and what the past did hold that we can forget that truly all we have is this present moment. Life can pass us by when we focus on the past or the future. This moment is what matters in everything that you do. You’ll be missing out on all that others are saying while you look toward the past and future when they may have some kind of answer for you for this present moment.

How about it? How about living in the moment today and shift your focus from the past or the future? Enjoy and build positive feeling vibrations from your now moment. That is what will guarantee a positive future life experience.