giving and receiving

When it comes to living life we can sometimes get stuck in a certain frame of mind. A repetitive fear may arise or a repetitive negative feeling experience. At that moment, we close our heart for fear of being hurt instead of opening.  We protect ourselves so no one will ever hurt us again.

But we can’t compare every experience to one negative feeling experience. It isn’t the same as another experience and even if it is; it is your own thoughts and reaction to the experience that will help you to move on from experience to experience.

Keeping your heart open is truly an uplifting experience in a negative situation. Instead of closing up and backing away you open your heart and look at the experience with kindness and compassion. By creating this kind of vibration you will be creating a vibration that will come back to you in some way. By treating the experience exactly as it feels then you are creating more of the same feelings and thoughts. Don’t you think being open and positive could create a better feeling experience since closing down only makes you feel worse?

It takes inner work to relax into an experience that feels less than positive but it is worth it since the experience will take on a whole new light and you will see what can be done differently.  And then, that experience and others ones like it, will fade out of your life because you have learned to open your heart instead of close.