step by step

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel as if you are running from something and no matter how you run from that experience, that it always comes back in some way? It may not be the same experience but it has the same feeling to it?

When we deal with our own inner struggles with a ‘head on’ kind of attitude then we are facing the problem and inner working through it to find solutions for ourselves. Even if we don’t have the answer quite yet; we are facing it instead of procrastinating and hoping it goes away. Until you have inner worked through your thoughts and feelings; it will keep a comin’ back to you to learn from once again.

So how about it? How about opening your arms wide open and run right into its arms. Understand and experience whatever you may be running from. Mentally calm the mind and heart and know that you can get through it.

Face the fear and walk right into it. It will then decide that it no longer scares you and you will have been able to keep walking forward.