time to release

You don’t have to suffer to grow beyond where you are. You don’t have to suffer in order to have spiritual experiences or growth. Many look at suffering as something that just has to be accepted and we play games within our minds and think that we have to suffer to inner grow. You don’t have to suffer to be a better person.

Sure, we do our best inner growing through what seems challenging in life because we stand up and take notice when things aren’t comfortable; but we can inner grow even positively and more if we realize that suffering doesn’t have to be a part of growth.

We’re spiritual beings having a physical experience which means the physical experience is going to be ever changing no matter how comfortable we may or may not feel.

So if you are going through an experience that feels like suffering then take heart and know that the uncomfortable feeling and thoughts you may be experiencing are only temporary. Life will change. Your suffering and struggling means you are recognizing that you’re not comfortable. You can then make the changes, mentally and physically, that are needed.  Those changes are what spur your vibration to reach a higher form.  It’s not the suffering that creates it but your own thought my friend.

Where are your thoughts today?