be positive

Have you ever noticed that when you dwell on all that is positive and good in your life that you feel lighter and more positive?

And have you ever noticed when you are having a bad day that everything seems to go wrong instead of right?

It is all how you look at life my friend. Whatever mood you are in will create different views of life. And it can be easy as flipping a switch if you are in a bad mood to create a better feeling positive vibration.

How about it? Flip the switch when you’re feeling as if everything is going wrong. Find a good feeling thought or memory, take a walk in the fresh air, listen to a little music…whatever it is that will help you to feel more positive and get back into the swing of a focused positive vibration.

Your life reflects what you think and feel. Don’t you want a life full of joy and happiness? Focus on what you are grateful for and step by step you will come into a better feeling moment and life.