Are you hanging on to something in life that just isn’t working? Maybe you have pushed and pulled and did everything that you could to get it to work but it feels like it is time to give it up? But you don’t want to give up because then you feel as if you didn’t give it your all even though you gave your best?

Letting go is not the same as giving up. Giving up feels differently than letting go. When giving up you feel upset and resistance but when you willingly let go it is a sense of relief and it actually feels empowering.  Yes, there may be a few resistant vibrations attached but instead of the upset and frustration; you begin to experience relief and a sense of freedom. This creates more room ‘within’ to expand and inner grow.  You see, anytime you let go of resistance you are creating more room ‘within.’  You can feel the space with more positive feeling vibrations, don’t you think?

Letting go is a declaration of personal power and is not defeat in any way.