white litte lies

Is it okay to tell little white lies? You know the ones; when you don’t like a meal that someone made for you and you tell them it was wonderful, a friend loves her new dress but you don’t like the color but you tell her it looks nice…yep, those little white lies.

Yet sometimes the little white lie can be truth that needs to be said so how do you tell when?

Ask yourself a question before you avoid the truth.

If you find that the only person who will benefit from the lie is you then you may want to rethink it.

You see, we avoid the truth because we don’t want to hurt another like someone’s meal or clothing and that is being kind and compassionate. But if we call in sick for work and we’re not sick then that is you who benefits and you may want to rethink it. You could always call a co worker and asking if they will switch shifts with you instead.

Not every white lie is negative; it is up to you to choose.