beth mccain 6657

I find that it isn’t the physical gift that makes a good memory for me; it’s the excitement, reaction, and the heartfelt thought of the one giving the gift.

Do your best when you are giving or receiving a gift, to remember the actions, thoughts, and feelings that are within the gift. That is the memory that people will hold in their heart long after the gift has been used.

Why do we feel so strongly about Grandma’s ring after she has passed on? It is the thoughts, actions, and feelings of what she did while wearing her ring that brings up a strong connection. It doesn’t matter if it was Grandma’s ring or Grandpa’ billfold we can feel them whether they were nice or not so nice.

Know that it is your words and actions that create a memory as you go about your day. Whether you are giving a physical gift or a gift of a hug, you are affecting another and their memories of you. How would you like to be remembered?