her story 3

Where are my keys? Did I park over there or was that last week? I’ve got to get to that list I wrote; now where did I put it? I should have picked up the kids already.

Does any of that ring true for you? Sometimes we can have so much to do that we feel as if we are chasing our own tail instead of getting anything done. We get into such a frantic about life that we are constantly trying to get it all done.  And having that kind of a day creates a clouded confusing kind of mind.

Did you know that you could still get everything done while being in the present moment as well? We sometimes get so caught up in what has to be done that we forget that we are even living. Instead of living, we are just existing and what joy is there in that?

How about you begin today and take each moment step by step. Instead of worrying what needs to be done next; just write it down and get back to being in the moment of your current task or passion.

Stay in the moment and work through your day step by step instead of taking ‘the stairs’ three at a time. Take each step with purpose and with thought and enjoyment of that moment. You will find that your mind will become organized and have more clarity as you do your best to live in the moment of each day.